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Ángel Amín López Amazirh

Heracle's View.

Heracle's View.

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Printed on anti-shredding paper, resistant to sunlight and bad weather. HP Latex print quality.


Sole print hand signed by the author.

Size and packaging.

Size: 600 x 300 cm.

Packaging: Delivered on six independent prints.

"According to mythological lore, it is said that the cave served as a resting place for the Greek deity Heracles before embarking on his eleventh labor, which entailed acquiring the golden apples from the Hesperides Garden. Ancient Greek texts suggest that this garden was situated nearby in Lixus, one of the cities of Larache.

Intrigued by this legend, I visited the cave while in Tanger and left behind two golden apples as a token of gratitude, knowing that they must eventually be returned to Athena as soon as possible." ~ Ángel.
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