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Ángel Amín López Amazirh

Fishermen in Tangier.

Fishermen in Tangier.

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Printed on anti-shredding paper, resistant to sunlight and bad weather. HP Latex print quality.


Sole print hand signed by the author.

Size and packaging.

Size: 600 x 300 cm.

Packaging: Delivered on six independent prints.

In the vast expanse of the Atlantic, where the horizon meets the endless expanse of sky and sea, fishing becomes a dance with the elements, a timeless ritual etched into the fabric of maritime lore. Here, where the ocean's depths conceal mysteries yet untold, fishermen cast their lines with a silent reverence, attuned to the rhythmic pulse of the waves.

Each swell and crest holds the promise of adventure, a whispered invitation to embark upon a journey into the unknown. Fishermen become storytellers, weaving tales of triumph and resilience against the backdrop of the ever-changing sea.

And in the quiet moments between casts, amidst the salt-tinged breeze and the gentle lullaby of the waves, there exists a profound connection to something greater than oneself, a reminder of the timeless bond between humanity and the Ocean.

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